April Meeting

Tuesday April 19th                                                                              

Patsy’s Italian Inn, 3651 Navajo St., Denver.
We arrive between 5 & 6 PM, have dinner at 6pm.
The program should start at 7 PM.

The program this month is “Bringing ORDER To Your Fly Boxes

Robert Younghanz, THE BUG GUY

Bringing “ORDER” To Your Fly Boxes

The science of Fly Fishing begins and ends with a solid understanding of what fish are eating and what flies best imitate these food sources.  The Bug Guy will help you categorize your fly boxes systematically, utilizing the fundamental principles of entomology and biological “orders”, i.e.  Mayflies, Stoneflies, Caddisflies and more! Go from jumbled and messy fly boxes to organized ones base on science, in no time!

ISE Head shot 2011

Robert Younghanz
745 Apache Trail
Woodland Park, CO 80863      719 313-1910


 Bio Inforobert younghanz

 Robert Younghanz, a.k.a The Bug Guy, is an internationally known Aquatic Entomologist, Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor.   Robert has been involved in the Fly Fishing industry for close to 20 years. Having traveled to over 60 countries, he is an accomplished angler, teacher and guide for fresh, salt, tropical and warm water species. His passion and expertise in the field of Aquatic Entomology has enabled him to travel the world collecting Insects, as well as studying, researching, curating and teaching at Colorado State University, Front Range Community College and the Florissant Fossil Beds Seminar Series through Adams State University.  Robert has been a guest lecturer across the Western United States on the topic of Aquatic Entomology and is a Master Fly Fishing Instructor.  As a contributing writer to Field and Stream’s “Fly Talk” with “The Bug Guy” Robert offers helpful advice on entomology and fly selection to fly fishers all over the globe. Also look for Robert’s regular article:  Hatch Happening: With The Bug Guy featured in Trout Magazine in every issue.    Robert is a Simms Ambassador and Orvis Endorsed Guide and has conducted entomology classes for both Simms and Orvis guides at their national gatherings, as well as for Trout Unlimited and other local organizations across the country.  Look for Robert on World Fishing Network, The Fishful Thinker, on Altitude Sports, on ESPN Radio and in Rick Takahashi’s new book,  Modern TerrestrialsBe sure and check out Robert’s nationally best selling 2 set DVD:  The Bug Guy:  Entomology For The Fly Fisher.  For more information go to Robert’s website:   www.the-bug-guy.com