Janurary/17 Meeting

Tuesday Jan.17th 2017

Mickeys Top Sirloin, 6950 N. Broadway • Denver, CO 80221
We arrive between 5 & 6 PM, have dinner at 6pm.
The program should start at 7 PM

 Joe Shafer has has been guiding for the Blue Quill Angler for over ten years. At a very young age Joe was taught fly fishing by his grandmother and grew up fly fishing on South Boulder Creek where he spent most of his time. Joe is also in law enforcement and has geared his unique presentations on fly fishing to his tactics in law enforcement. A Tactical Look At Fly Fishing Rivers is a presentation for all levels of fly fishermen he will go over everything from equipment to landing a fish in this unique presentation. Plus he will go over a bunch of tips and tricks that he uses out on the water.