September Meeting

********** NOTICE **********

Our favorite meeting place “Patsy’s”

Has closed its doors. Leaving us with no place to meet.

Marty has contacted and secured meeting space @ Mickeys Top Sirloin

6950 N. Broadway • Denver, CO 80221

Tuesday September 20th

Mickeys Top Sirloin, 6950 N. Broadway • Denver, CO 80221
We arrive between 5 & 6 PM, have dinner at 6pm.
The program should start at 7 PM


Who am I                                                                        Sept Meeting

Fly Fisherman

I grew up in northeast Iowa, the southwest region of the Driftless Area. My trout fishing consisted of using a fly rod to pitch cheese, salmon eggs or spinners at trout holding spots. I moved out to Colorado in 1973. I did not start fly fishing again until 2004. I started using a traditional fly rod and casting techniques on the Big Thompson River and Red Rock Lake. I was not an expert or devoted fly fisherman. Flies and entomology were confusing. Equipment was expensive. I began to wonder if 99% of the inventory of a fly shop was to catch fisherman not fish. In 2007 I went to the Fly Fishing Expo and met Daniel and became intrigued with Tenkara.

Tenkara fisherman

At the 2008 expo I bought my first Tenkara USA rod, an Iwana. I have not looked back. I have not used a traditional/western rod since 2008. I regularly fish Bear Creek, Clear Creek, The Boulder Creeks, St Vrain River, Big Thompson River and the Cashe la Poudre, all with my Tenkara rods.

Fly Tier

For Christmas 2009 I bought myself a fly tying vise and started tying flies. I kept my fly tying to simple flies like wooly buggers and such. I had not yet thought about the “One Fly” tradition of Tenkara. In 2012, I started tying flies for Tenkara. These flies are quick and easy to tie and are just as effective as the traditional “Match the Hatch” flies. Today, I tie Tenkara flies and almost exclusively fish with Tenkara flies.